Echohawk's Complete D&D Monster Index

Welcome to my complete index of Dungeons & Dragon creatures!

Here you will find a spreadsheet listing every monster ever published in an official D&D source1.


In 1989, TSR released AD&D 2nd Edition, and began publishing the Monstrous Compendium series of looseleaf monster pages in three-ring binder format. I was curious to find out which creatures from the original Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, and Monster Manual II had been updated to 2nd Edition, and which ones were (I hoped!) still to come. So I created a spreadsheet cross-referencing the 1st and 2nd edition appearances of D&D monsters. The Monstrous Compendium series would eventually span fifteen sets of looseleaf pages, four annuals, seven soft cover books, one electronic release and the hardcover Monstrous Manual collection. And monsters weren't just appearing in those sources, but also in Dragon and Dungeon magazines each month, and in wide variety of accessories, adventures, source books, campaign settings and even one or two in D&D comics. Needless to say, my little spreadsheet grew, as did my collection of D&D products, as I compulsively snapped up anything that might contain another monster.

Fast forward to 2002, a year or two after the release of 3rd Edition D&D, when I stumbled on to the Creature Catalogue project over at ENWorld. This project was (and still is) busy updating D&D creatures from all editions of the game to the new d20 rule system. This idea appealed enormously to my monster obsession, so I decided to dust off my spreadsheet and overhaul it completely with the goal of eventually including every official D&D creature ever published, as well as all of the Creature Catalogue conversions. By this stage, PDFs of older AD&D and D&D products which I didn't have in my collection had become available for sale, which made finding creatures from more obscure sources a little easier. "Eventually" ended up being five years, and sometime in 2007, I finally had something I was happy to consider as being a "complete" index of every 1st, 2nd, 3rd and original D&D creature ever to appear in print.

Just in time for the release of 4th Edition...

Since then, I have been keeping the index updated with each new D&D release, as well as continuing to track the Creature Catalogue updates of older creatures. I think the index is now probably the most comprehensive index of Dungeon & Dragons monsters that exists, and I'm happy to share it with other monster-obsessed nuts out there.

Monster index downloads

Here is the spreadsheet, containing an index of all monsters from official D&D sources. It also includes a tab for sources, and one with some very brief notes on the classification used for the 'Canon' column. I'm currently using Open Office to edit the index, so the Excel export below is untested and might have some odd formatting.

Monster index (2008-12-29):
Other files for download
This is a selection of smaller files, derived from the main spreadsheet. If you've already downloaded the index above, you have this data already. These files are mostly useful if you are looking for more specific information, and you don't want the hassle of extracting it from the above spreasheet.

List of D&D products (2008-12-30):
This is a reasonably comprehensive list of D&D products starting with the original Chainmail rules, through to products coming up in 2009. This product list isn't a complete list of D&D products; there are a number of older licenced minis missing, and the list doesn't include some of the really obscure D&D products such as the beach towel or sewing kit (!), but it does include every D&D game product and novel.
Index of 4th edition Traps, Hazards and Skill Challenges (2008-12-30):
This is an index of the various traps, hazards and skill challenges published so far for 4th edition.
Notes on the latest version of the index
The following changes have been made since the last release of the index (September 2008).

Formatting changes:
New sources:
Missing monsters
Even though I've spent years building this index, there have been a very large number of D&D products published over the last 35 years and every now and then someone will stumble onto a creature that I've managed to miss. If you find an omission or an error in the index, please let me know (via ant at ff dot co dot za), and I'll make sure I fix that in the next release. You're also welcome to drop me a note if you happen to find the index useful; feedback is always appreciated.

Summary of sources
The main index spreadsheet contains a tab listing all of the sources, as well as D&D products that don't contain any monster stats, but which have been checked for creatures. Here's a summary of what is included in the index:

1. Not a guarantee! ;)